Botulinum Treatments


BOTOX® fluid is safe for reducing skin creases or facial lines. Facial lines on forehead, around eyes, upper lip, and neck respond extremely well to Anti Wrinkle Injections. These areas are called: Brow lines, frown lines, crows feet (laughter lines), and smokers lines upper lip.

At our clinics in London and Essex, we use extremely fine needles are used to inject. The procedure is usually painless, with some slight discomfort. Anti wrinkle injections work within a few days, lasting for 3-6 months. Side effects include discomfort, tingling and slight swelling at site of injections. In some cases there can be a temporary drooping of the eyelids for several days.


Below are the prices for the BOTOX® (anti-wrinkle) treatments:


Frown, forehead, or sides of eyes


TWO AREAS any two from above


THREE AREAS (usually frown, forehead, and eyes)


Additional areas:
Bunny lines, Upper Lip  Lines
Gummy smiles, nose tiping,
orange peel chin,
corners of mouth
(with 3 area botox £50 or £150 if alone)

£50 -£150

Under Arm sweating and sweaty palms




Jowl lift


Chest wall


Jaw Clenching


Migraine Relief and Facial Neuralgia

From £250

NB: For men £40 Botox supplement (require more botox)  

Which type of 'BOTOX®' is used?

We use Botulinum toxin type A. 3 different brands are used - BOTOX® (Allergan) the first and most famous brand, Azzalure, and Bocouture. At the consultation you can choose which brand you prefer. Prices are the same.

Other Treatments at Essex Medical Aesthetics

We also provide treatments for under arm perspiration, migraines and jaw clenching, neck lines, chest wall, bunny lines etc:

Jaw Clenching (Teeth Grinding):

Some patients have strong jaw (masseter) muscles, this causes pain and teeth grinding especially at night. Injecting treatments for lines and wrinkles into the jaw muscles helps to ease the symptoms. These injections are also used to create a more softer face profile, reduces strong angular jaw line.

Usually 2 courses of injections are needed 6 weeks apart:


Price - from £250

Migraines, Headaches and Neuralgia

BOTOX® is injected across forehead, temple, and occipital muscles which relieves tension and therefore eases migraines/headaches. Number of Injections and sites will depend on individual and their symptoms.


Price - from £250

Forehead muscle tension relief


Forehead and temple injections


Forehead, temple, and occipital injections usually


Underarm Perspiration

BOTOX® Treatment is very effective for excessive under arm sweating. The armpit area is always numbed before injecting with anaesthetic cream.


Price - £300

Both Sides


We provide a wide range of anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers and minor surgery services. For more information on any of our services or to book an appointment please send us an enquiry via our contact page or call us today!